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    Our site is being updated at the moment we hope to have it up and running fully by May
    Please follow us on twitter @HMCGSelsey for the latest news and shouts

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    Remember as the summer gets closer to keep a eye on the kids, and take the safety precautions by the Sea and above all enjoy the Seaside.

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    Date for the diary this year

    Lifeboat boat week in Selsey
    Sunday 29th July until Sunday the 5th of August
    Launch Day 5th of August 2012

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Selsey Coastguard

This site is maintained by the Selsey team, it represents our commitment towards safety and enjoyment of the sea, at Selsey the team is made up of 12 members.
We are responsible for all incidents on or beyond the shore line from Pagham harbour around the coast to Fishbourne. Each year we respond to between 60 and 100 calls with in our area, ranging from lost children to persons trapped in mud. Unfortunately serious incidents still occur on our coastline, through this web site we hope to provide safety advice, warnings and general information about the coastline in this area.
Above all else we all enjoy the sea and would like everyone to be able to enjoy the sea as safely as possible

One of our most overlooked roles is that of co-ordinators, we gather information about incidents and make decisions about how to resolve the problem. Often dealing with the families and friends of injured or missing persons, gathering evidence to piece together what's happened and arranging all the assets we deem necessary to resolve an incident. This means often we have to decide to call the lifeboats and helicopter to assist us, this is no easy choice and we need to be sure of our actions. Continually reviewing the situation we help to keep the assets up to date with all the information available to us.

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